What I Wear

Welcome to What I Wear, the greatest name in British retail for high quality sustainable fashion

Introducing What I Wear

What I Wear is not our first site. The story began with our very first site, UK Tights. We started this business in September 2005. Dawn and Jonathan Barber are our founders. Dawn, our MD, and Jonathan, our Technical Director, started the site from their home office. As the business grew and expanded UK Tights moved into a small storage facility just down the road from its original location. This new facility expanded twice more to accommodate the growing popularity of the hosiery site.

But it didn't stop there. We soon realized that swimwear was another type of clothing that wasn't meeting its potential on the web. So we launched our next project, UK Swimwear. We kept the ethos of customer care that always made UK Tights a favourite with our customers. So, we curated a collection of swimsuits, bikinis, tankinis, kaftans, sarongs, and other accessories. By 2009, we had tripled our workforce and expanded our reach. We moved into a new and larger facility which we remained in for nearly 15 years, bringing beautiful beachwear to customers all over the globe.

In 2016 we started UK Lingerie, the website that would eventually be folded into UK Tights again in 2021. This is where, as the name suggests, we sold all of our bras, briefs, suspender belts, and other items of lingerie. We also had nightwear like pyjamas and robes on UK Lingerie. It made more sense to merge the two, as suspender belts were things you wore with stockings, so you would have to place two orders for one set. Now, all of our lingerie items are to be found on UK Tights.

So after having three sites and then two again, we decided to move towards a more general destination for all clothing and hopefully a place to find everything, so here comes What I Wear.

What Is The What I Wear Ethos?

What I Wear believes in ethical clothing. It also believes that clothing should cater to all budgets and styles. We love the essentials, but also offer a range of fashion pieces too. But at our core, we want sustainable items, so trends are secondary to great essentials. What I Wear is about providing clothing that people can wear each and every day, and without compromising on quality. We're here to make clothing accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

A Family Business

We started as a humble family business, started at home. Now we have grown larger by treating everyone in our team like they are family too. This has shaped our company culture. We foster a caring environment and strive to provide the best service possible. All while we help to provide something great for our valued customers.

The Customer Care At What I Wear

We believe that the customer deserves to be happy with what they get for their money. Unlike many other companies, we take responsibility for mistakes and things that are not quite right. If you are not satisfied totally, then that is our top priority. And we work with our suppliers to correct and prevent mistakes in the future. We offer convenient online and phone ordering, and have a customer services team to support you and address any concerns you may have.

The Element Of Choice

While you are our number one priority, our product range is important too. We offer dozens of different brands of clothing, and are constantly adding new products to the collection. We believe in providing you with choice upon choice. This is the best way to give you something that will suit your unique style and preferences.

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