Little Kiss Swimwear

Little Kiss is one of the most time served and veteran swimwear designers you will find here at UK Swimwear. Little Kiss swimwear benefits from nearly 70 years of experience in designing and manufacturing fantastic and fashionable swimwear. So how did they get to be so respected as a designer? What is the history of Little Kiss like exactly? Let's delve into their history for a bit and see what is going on.

What Is The History Of Little Kiss?

Little Kiss began its operations in Spain in the 1950s. This alone makes their fashion swimwear incredible, as it was a time we can all look back on as being one of the true golden ages of fashion design. It might even be the greatest decade in clothing design ever. Growing up in this amazing period of design and being steeped in a formative time in fashion history must have influenced the first few years of the Little Kiss brand. With this creativity flourishing all around them, it is very likely the reason why Little Kiss is now one of the best designers in their native Spain for swimwear. Or indeed, why they are so respected across the whole of Europe.

What Is So Wonderful About The Little Kiss Swimwear Range?

It has been very popular in its home nation but has only now started to break into the other nations and markets in Europe. And this changed has only happened in the last few years or so, even though they have been around for about seven decades. This is a big step for a brand that is so loved in their native nation. This is because Little Kiss has had to adapt and grow accustomed to the styles and the cultures of the rest of Europe, not just the fashion they have always produce for their domestic market. But in the few short years they have been spreading their wings, they have indeed done just that. They have quickly come to bring a wonderful new variety of tastes into their collection and now, they are one of the most respected designers in Europe and loved amongst their peers in the UK. They have designed swimwear that brings the fashion lovers of Europe exactly what they've always wanted and they continue to be one of the most innovative designers in their field.

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