Verde Veronica

Verde Veronica is a fashion swimwear that originated in Italy and you can instantly tell this is where they come form. They have become one of those names that lives up to every expectation you might have about that nation and its clothing heritage. Quality, artistic beauty, and eternal style are just some of the qualities that Verde Veronica swimwear embodies. They are a pure fashion swimwear company, with all the qualities you want from a company that specialises in just this. The designs are creative and gorgeous, but also timeless and sophisticated. They are luxurious but more than just something lovely to look at, with a real pedigree in manufacturing behind them.

Verde Veronica Swimwear Range

Verde Veronica is one of the finest designers of swimwear in Italy, which is certainly saying something. In fact, if they designed clothing we think they would be among the greats in that sector too, taking their place among Italian elite designers. And for the first time ever, this brand is being sold via an internet retailer, bringing their gorgeous, quality swimwear to the world. Previously they were boutique only, something that high quality Italian designers are known for, but some want to move into the brave new realm of the online store too. Verde Veronica is taking the plunge, and they are bringing some of the best and most beautiful swimwear to the whole world via the internet, starting right here at UK Swimwear.

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